About Us

Lucky Vincent nursery and primary School is a private owned non-religious English medium school, officially  registered and established to provide quality education for Primary and Pre-Primary school Kids.

The school site is 9.5 kilometers from Arumeru municipality.250 meters off the Arusha Oljoro Road. It is opposite of field force unity.
You can easily reach Lucky Vincent school by the public transport-Town Hiace, popularly known as the daladala, routing  to "KWA MROMBO" and drop  at "FIELD FORCE", the transport cost fare ranges from Tshs 300/= to 400/=

The road from Arusha  via Oljoro to Kiteto passes East of the school about 250 meters. Road transport (all weather road) available and the school is easier reachable by private and public service vehicles. The school has permanent postal address and all staff members has cellphones.

We are proud to receive you at Lucky Vincent!!
For more information on the location of Lucky Vincent school please contact the administration direct here>>

Why Us

  • We are committed to help children (to give them light of life ) through education and gain life improvement skills in environment, which enhances positive growth.


  • The faculty members are selected from qualified professional teachers
    The teachers are encouraged to embark on continuous learning especially in their fields of study. It encourages cross functional learning and experience sharing amongst teachers as well as coaching and mentoring from more experienced teachers.


  • A strong belief that each student can excel in any field of study and become an effective leader either in academic, business, politics, spiritual and contribute to the development of Tanzania and Africa. Lucky Vincent School encourages its students to actively participate in the learning process.


Once this is running well there are plans to do the following:

  • To complete the house for orphans around the school campus.
  • To start a secondary School at another plot available near this primary and nursery school.
  • To start adult education classes for the following fields at lowest tuition fees on, Language-French, English , Germany, Swahili and computer skills.
    When these are in fully operational the school will have the following staff on relevant contracts, and all due benefits as per government of Tanzania employment guidelines:-
    1. The school manager.
    2. Head teacher.
    3. Teachers.
    4. Teaching assistants.
    5. Guardians.
    6. Patron and Matron.
    7. Gardener.
    8.  Drivers.
    9.  Cook.